Doggie Dough


doggie dough fundraiser

Add Doggie Dough to any of our other fundraisers to boost your profit.

  • A healthy, nutritious and delicious tail-wagging temptation for our loyal canine companions
  • In-Dey-Go Doggie Dough is made with all natural . Additive and preservative free.
  • We suggest combining this fundraising product with an In-Dey-Go Cookie Dough fundraiser (tubs or pre-portioned).
  • Dough in the freezer and can be thawed and refrozen
  • K-9 approved - dogs "pawsitively" love these cookies
    • sell 300 tubs and your group profits $1575
    • sell 400 tubs and your group profits $2200
    • sell 700 tubs and your group profits $4025
    • sell 1000 tubs and your group profits $6500
  • Each tub contains 3 lbs of doggie dough-enough for 6 dozen + treats.
  • 1% of sales of In-Dey-Go Doggie Dough is donated to Wildlife/Animal Welfare organizations.
  • Download Order Form .