In-Dey-Go supplies your group with all of the necessary paperwork for running a campaign and we are here to help you through every step of the process.

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School & Group Fundraising

In-Dey-Go Fundraising provides excellent opportunities for Elementary, Junior and Senior High Schools and other organizations to raise funds quickly and easily.

Some of the highlights of running a fundraiser through your School or Organization:

  • Groups can make on average $1500-$2000 by running a program for 10-14 days (see profit page)

  • Cookie dough is a top fundraiser for schools.

  • Easy to Run-we provide step by step instructions and our website is designed to make your fundraising coordinators job as stress free as possible.

  • Delivery is simple-we have your product delivered directly to your location on the day that works best for your group - you choose the date and we take care of the rest (some restrictions apply).

  • All of our cookie dough, muffin dough, cupcake batter & dry cookie mix is made with non-hydrogenated ingredients.

Running a campaign is straightforward and easy. The five steps below guide you through the procedure:

  1. Book your fundraiser by contacting In-Dey-Go either through email, phone or through our . We will send you out the appropriate number of order forms and other necessary paperwork for running a campaign -free of charge - when we receive your request.

  2. Pick your start date and end date for your campaign. A reasonable length of time is one to two weeks from start to finish. Delivery date varies depending on where you are located but is generally between 7-14 working days. Let participants know the date the order forms are to be handed in. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date of delivery.

  3. Hand out the order forms to your participants and communicate your goal of the campaign to them (more on this below).

  4. On the last day of the campaign, collect the order forms, count up the number of units ordered and place your order online or fax in your master order form (sent to you along with the other paperwork). Please note we ship in full case lots only-sorry no mixed cases.

  5. On the day of delivery, have 2 or 3 other volunteers on hand to distribute your products to the participants. The participants then deliver the goodies to their customers.

Download "How to Run a Fundraiser" as a

Goal Setting

One of the most important aspects of your campaign is to make sure your members know the financial goal you need to reach . If you know you need to raise 'x' amount of dollars, determine how many units each participant would have to sell to reach that goal and communicate this specifically to them. See the graph below to get a quick idea of the amount of product you need to sell to achieve your financial goals.


The more product you sell the higher your profit percentage becomes.

We have provided a template of a generic letter for you to use to communicate your goals to your participants. Make it specific for your group and you will experience amazing success by using this simple tool!

Delivery Day Guidelines

  • Have 3 to 4 volunteers ready to help out with sorting. You will also need to have the order sheets and packing slip/shipping information with you. If you are going to have extras put up a sign letting people know what you have left for sale.

  • When your delivery arrives, count your items before signing the driver's waybill. Make sure the numbers match what is on your packing slip/shipping information document.

  • Before starting to hand out your product, make sure that your packing slip matches what was delivered in regard to boxes ordered per flavour. If there are any discrepancies at this point, please call us immediately to let us know (1-877-463-3946).

  • Sort the flavours in separate stacks leaving space between the flavours. It is best to arrange them in the same order that is on the order form (i.e. Chocolate Chunk/Dark Chocolate White Choc Chunk/Ginger Crinkle/Monster,….etc).

  • When handing out the order, have only the selected volunteers do the picking and sorting of the orders.