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Here we are: the end of the school year!  As a PAC Volunteer, your meetings are coming to a close and your committee will go their separate ways.  For many on the PAC crew, this will be their last year on the committee as their kids are moving onto another school.  Here are 3 tips for turning things over to the new committee:

  1. Introduce the new PAC members in an email/newsletter/tweet/facebook post.  Include a mini-bio for each member with their goals for next year’s PAC.  Engaged and involved parents understand the challenges and triumphs of the PAC plus it builds stronger relationships between parents, teachers, staff and students.
  2. Set up your fundraising goals for next year.  How much money will be needed for fun events and field trips?  How will you raise the money?  Update the PAC binder with the most current information for the new fundraising coordinator (this is where you call In-Dey-Go Fundraising or visit our website – we can help!!)
  3. Get others involved!  Harness the power of volunteers and don’t be afraid to delegate.  Schools with increased parent volunteering also enjoy increases in average grades, attendance and over all student wellbeing.  You can make a difference!

Have a great summer – feel free to contact In-Dey-Go Fundraising with any of your fundraising questions! (877) 463-3946


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