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Making memorable events happen since 1996!

Our fundraisers have sold over 18 million cookies. Put them end to end and they would stretch from Banff to Vancouver.

Indeygo Fundraising is a female-led 100% Canadian-owned and operated business. We are committed to sourcing over 70% of our ingredients locally and from Canadian suppliers. Since 1996, Indeygo Fundraising has supported schools and organizations across Canada to reach their fundraising goals by offering an extensive variety of Canadian-made products. We exist to provide a stress-free and profitable fundraising option for groups in need of raising money.

We understand volunteer based fundraising needs having supported thousands of groups raise millions of dollars.

Our message is clear, we want you to succeed! The Indeygo Fundraising Team is alongside you every step of the way by providing the service you need to run a successful fundraiser, free of charge.

Meet Us

Our fearless leaders are always there to help make your fundraiser a smashing success!

Cathy Harris

Cathy’s journey captivates adventure, dedication and bringing joy to people’s lives. Before moving to Canada, Cathy started her career in athletic therapy in the UK, she went on to work for the McLaren F1 team so is very used to a fast-paced lifestyle! As a busy mum raising two active daughters, Cathy volunteered extensively in fundraising roles. After 10 years in sports administration, Cathy worked closely with coaches and athletes before seeking a fresh challenge. Whilst her professional path didn’t start with mouthwatering cookies, the goal has always been about making a meaningful impact.

When friends Lisa and Shanne (ace founders of Indeygo) decided it was time to hang up the apron, Cathy acquired the business and is loving every minute of it. “It’s an ideal role for me as I love supporting our super busy volunteers to achieve their organization’s fundraising goals.” Cathy has always been the heart and soul of the community spirit. Her commitment to fundraising, volunteering and charity work is what now drives the success of Indeygo.

Andy Harris

After studying in the US and travelling extensively throughout Canada, Andy fell in love with this incredible place he proudly calls home. With an adventurous spirit and an impeccable eye for detail, Andy is a seasoned business owner who allows his fondness for the great outdoors to influence his professional pursuits. Andy’s background in sustainability fosters an understanding of the interconnectedness of our shared home and all its inhabitants.

Fuelled by his love for exploring nature’s beauty, whether he’s out paddling on the water, on a backpacking trip or mountain biking, Andy’s passion for outdoor pursuits led him to support local clubs and volunteer on various local committees that promote outdoor education, conservation and maximized fun for everyone involved.

At Indeygo, one measure of our success is our ability to support community groups. Every year we donate 1% of our sales to non-profit organizations we care about. To date, we are happy to say we have donated over $100,000 to a variety of non-profits; environmental groups, animal rescue organizations, along with women’s and children’s charities.

Giving Back


Fundraising Guide

Have fundraiser questions? Find the answers here.

Whether you’re a school, a club, team or a cause, we support you with everything you need to run a successful fundraising campaign, making it simple and easy. We have assembled this amazing guide that makes it easy for you to get started!



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