What’s new for 2019?

Soaps and Bath Products!two rubber ducks on water

We have Soap and Bath Product Fundraisers!

We’ve added to our fundraising line!  In-Dey-Go Fundraising is excited to offer our new Soaps, Bath Bombs and Mineral Baths!  Bring happiness to your face and body with our artisan hand made bath products plus make excellent profits for your group fundraising goals.  Contact us to find out more info@indeygo.com or 877-463-3946

Spring Planters and Bedding Plants

close up photography of purple petunia flowers

Don’t forget about our amazing Hanging Baskets, Planters and Bedding Plants for fundraising.  This year we are proud to add Strawberry Baskets, Tomato Tumblers, Mixed Herbs, as well as Easy Wave Petunias perfect for your garden or patio.  All plants have been grown locally and are perfect for our climate.  Planter Fundraisers are available in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and the surrounding areas.  Contact In-Dey-Go Fundraising to get started.

How to Kickstart Your Fundraising for the New School Year

Need Help Fundraising?  It’s no secret that schools, groups and sports teams have fundraising needs.  In-Dey-Go Fundraising can help.  We recommend the following to help your fall fundraiser be successful:

  1. Plan Early – Let’s get out of the gate early!  Plan to run your fundraiser Sept/Oct and have all the orders in by the end of October.  In over 20 years of business, we have found that this timeline ensures maximum success.  It also frees up your time (less stress!!) closer to the holidays!
  2. Choose a Fundraising Company that sets your group up for Success – Did you know that In-Dey-Go Fundraising will provide everything you need free of charge?  Glossy, colour order forms and support materials are sent out complimentary to your group.  You can easily set up an online store too!
  3. Communicate to your group and customers – make sure that your goals and intentions are clear.  What are you fundraising for?  What is your target amount?  Your customers will be willing to spend money if they know where the cash is going.  Your participants will be willing to take part and meet the goal if it is clearly defined (for example – each person needs to sell 4 tubs in order to reach our goal of raising $1800 for the new playground).
  4. Choose a quality product – In-Dey-Go Fundraising provides products made in Canada and supports local producers where possible.  Cookie Dough made us famous, but we’ve got other amazing products in our line up!  Did you know that In-Dey-Go also has Frozen Muffin Dough, Cinnamon/Sticky Buns, Beef Jerky, Coffee/Tea Fundraisers and new to select areas – we have Pasta!  Our Harvest Bundle Veggie Fall Fundraisers are also available in select areas.

Hail to the Fundraising Chairperson!

We get it – fundraising is not glamorous – but it certainly is one of the most important positions out there in the PAC world.  We realize you were probably the only one to put your hand up at the PAC meeting when the word ‘Fundraising’ came up.  Everyone else pretended to be on their phone or didn’t make eye contact with anyone until the topic had passed!  Because of your commitment to help out, we want to make your life as easy as possible!

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve helped many fundraising coordinators with their campaigns and we recognize what is needed.  Let’s just say that when it comes to running fundraisers, we know what you need, and we know the kind of person you are!  Here are some of the trends we’ve noticed with the coordinators we have worked with:

  • You are well organized and with your kids involved in many different activities, you are pulled many directions on any given day, but you know how to break things down step by step
  • You are an excellent communicator and have the ability to delegate when needed
  • You are strongly committed to your family, your school, and your cause.

We also know that being the coordinator can sometimes feel overwhelming.  We can empathize with this completely and are  committed to supporting your fundraiser from start to finish.  From the first phone call or email – we are here to answer any questions, and help you out in your role.  Whether it’s your first fundraiser or you’ve been at this for ten years, there are always questions and concerns that need attention. We want you to meet your fundraising goals and succeed!  At the end of the day, when your fundraiser has provided cash for a new wheelchair, ice time, a new playground or funds for a class trip, your time is worth it!

We should all be giving a big thanks to those people who raise their hand and say “I’ll take the lead and be the fundraising coordinator!”  It is a selfless role that takes time, effort and desire to make things better for the group – ultimately this makes it better for communities we live in!




Let’s Talk Quality

What’s your fundraiser made of?  In-Dey-Go Fundraising is proudly Canadian and we source as many of our products from Canada as possible.  Mind you, we’ve never come across a coconut that was raised in Canada, but any other ingredients that can be sourced in Canada, you can bet we are using it!  Over 70% of our raw ingredients are sourced from Canadian producers. The quality of our fundraising products are second to none.  You can’t beat the attention and care put into every item and In-Dey-Go stands behind each product 100%.

We are proudly supporting other Canadian businesses; some big, and some small.  Our In-Dey-Go Frozen Cookie Dough, Muffin Dough and Cinnamon Buns are made in our world class facility.  We’ve been creating recipes and jobs for over 20 years!

In-Dey-Go Beef Jerky, Coffee/Tea, and our newest member, Pasta, are all hand made in small Alberta businesses.  We love supporting this activity and the wheel keeps going around and around, because the end users are supporting your group or school as well!

So, the next time you are choosing a fundraiser for your group, ask yourself, where is it made? What is it made from?  What is the time frame for delivery?  Is there support throughout the process? At In-Dey-Go we can stand proud in our answers!

5 Tips to Help Your Non-Profit Organization Fundraise

Everyone knows that there are thousands of causes out there competing for fundraising dollars.  Many times it’s a strategic marketing ploy or a gimmicky challenge that get people to donate.  Let’s ask ourselves, out of the biggest of non-profit challenges, how many of the donors have returned to donate more than just once?  Probably a very small percentage! Here are a few tips to  retain your donors and your volunteers and ultimately raise more funds:

  1. Gratitude – send your donors and volunteers a warm Thank You card or email.  Send this out soon after the donation of time or money – don’t forget!
  2.  Sharing Information – Where has the money been used?  What good are the donors’ dollars up to?  Share what the volunteers have been participating in and have an ‘hours donated’ chart (our pic for this month’s Blog is from the Calgary Food Bank).  Something fun, engaging, relevant and impactful!
  3.  When fundraising with a product, keep it simple for your volunteers and clients; ask yourself the following to ensure success:
  • What is the profit margin?
  • Is this product/company local?
  • Is this a quality product?
  • Can my volunteers easily sell this?
  • Relevance – Will my donors buy this?

      4. Make it easy – Set up an online store or a central location where people can buy your fundraising product or make a donation.

       5.  Keep good records and goals – how much did we raise last year?  How many new donors versus repeat donors and what will our goal be for this year?  Use your database and keep it clean in order to follow up with your valued clients and volunteers!


Kids Making a Difference – Harvest Bundles and the Food Bank

When we started Indeygo Harvest Bundles in the Fall of 2016 we never dreamed that the Food Bank Donations would be so popular!  We’ve teamed up with a local Edmonton grower to offer fresh vegetables to schools in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.  Not only do participants have the opportunity to sell parcels of fresh veggies to family and friends, there is also an option to buy a bundle for the local food bank.

As we saw orders come in from the schools, we were astounded at the generosity of each participant’s customers.  The first year we offered the Harvest Bundles, we donated 3000 lbs to Community Food Banks, but 2017 blew this number out of the water, when we took over 12,000 lbs to local Food Banks!

Many small actions add up to big things!  Our participating schools and students have so much to be proud of.  The schools make money for their cause, the students are selling healthy vegetables to family and friends, and the food bank donations go straight to an amazing cause.  If you are interested in running an Indeygo Harvest Bundle Fundraiser for Fall 2018, give our team a call (877) 463-3946 or visit www.indeygo.com.  It’s easy, it’s local, it’s healthy, and the profits are great!

The Fundraiser Has Begun, Now What?

With In-Dey-Go, setting up a fundraiser is a cinch. Choose your project, get your order forms printed and work with your group to set up financial goals. But once your group is motivated and your participants all have forms in hand, it’s not just a waiting game until the final day to turn in forms. Steps should be taken after initial contact with potential buyers and the coordinator must also keep sellers engaged. How? See our tips below.

Follow Up

Once initial contact has been made with potential supporters, follow up with emails, phone calls, and messages. Encourage all of your fundraising participants to do the same. In today’s busy world, we could all use a reminder now and again. Invitations and requests often fall through the cracks, lost among the many important things to do. So, remind your participants and supporters about your fundraiser.

Maintain Momentum on Social Media

Many groups kick off a fundraiser with great social media presence. However, one or two posts at the beginning isn’t enough. Put out a few posts after the fundraiser has started. Remind people that there’s only a few days left to support, or share your mission again. If purchasing new uniforms, show pictures of the ones you’d like to get or put up pictures of the sad state of your current uniforms. Stay present on social media throughout the duration of the campaign.

Eyes on the Prize

Towards the end of your campaign, check in with each of your participants to see how close they are to meeting their goal. Help them brainstorm about other people in their life whom they can ask for support.

3 Strategies to Boost Your Fundraiser’s Reach

Fundraising is somewhat of an art. While you can always go through the regular steps of asking family members, office contacts, and friends for support, here are a few tricks that can help you increase your fundraiser’s reach and earn more.

Online E-store

An e-store is one easy to setup, sure fire way to make more sales. We’ve found that it typically boosts a campaign’s sales by about 10%. In today’s world, people look for convenience. An e-store facilitates that ease. Payment, orders and communication are all rolled into one. All you have to do is send the link, and your supporters and customers do the rest. Of course this doesn’t eliminate the need to speak to relatives and family, it just eases the process. With In-Dey-Go’s stress-free e-store you’ll get set up quickly via a link on our website. We take care of all of the technical details and give you access to your e-store within 24 hours.


While you should definitely use social media and technology when getting the word out about your fundraiser, don’t forget about traditional advertising. The local paper might be willing to run a story on your group, or make posters and ask for permission to post them around town. Asking for airtime on the local radio station is also a good option. Also, remember to ask for our FREE posters. All you’ll need to do is post them.


The more influential people you can get to spread the word, the better. So don’t simply ask your aunt to sign up for some In-Dey-Go cookie dough, ask her to take a sign-up sheet to her office, too. And of course remember to ask friends and family to share about the campaign through social media.

5 Simple Steps to Running a Successful Fundraising Campaign with In-Dey-Go

No matter what cause you are trying to raise money for, you need a solid fundraising plan of action. Running a successful fundraising campaign with In-Dey-Go is simple if you follow a few key steps to success.

Step 1: Book your fundraiser.

You can do this by contacting In-Dey-Go either via email (Info@indeygo.com), phone (1.877.463.3946), or online by accessing our info package. We will send you order forms and other necessary paperwork, such as instruction for running a campaign, free of charge, upon receipt of your request.

Step 2: Set a time frame for your campaign.

A reasonable length of time is one to two weeks from start to finish. The delivery date varies depending on your location, but is generally between 7 and 14 business days after your order is received. Let participants know the date that the order forms are to be handed in. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date of delivery.

Step 3: Distribute the order forms to participants.

Hand out the order forms to your participants and communicate your campaign goal to them.

Step 4: Collect the order forms.

On the last day of the campaign, gather the order forms, count the number of units ordered, and place your final order online or fax in your master order form.

Step 5: Organize volunteers to distribute products.

On the day of delivery, have two or three volunteers on hand to help you distribute your In-Dey-Go products to your fundraising participants. The participants will then deliver the In-Dey-Go goodies to their customers.

With In-Dey-Go, fundraising is simple! Get started today.

For a limited time, In-Dey-Go is offering an exclusive offer for fundraising coordinators looking to run a successful holiday campaign.

At no additional cost, you will receive:

  • One ebook including tips, tricks, and tools to help support your fundraising efforts
  • Social media and email templates for increased sales
  • One webinar with a question and answer period
  • Digital and print copies of all support documents

For more information or to register, please email Karla Helm at karla@indeygo.com.

Why In-Dey-Go Fundraising is Committed to Giving Back

At In-Dey-Go, giving back is at the core of our mission. Our goal is to donate 1% of our sales to non-profit organizations that may not be able to run a fundraiser. To date, we have proudly donated over $60,000 to various non-profit organizations including the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Rehabilitation, Animal Rescue Foundation, Bow Valley SPCA, Calgary Drop-In Centre, woman’s shelters, and Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, just to name a few.

Why is giving back important to In-Dey-Go?

Being supportive of community causes and looking for ways to give back is an essential practice for In-Dey-Go for the following reasons:

  • By giving back to the community, we can help address issues or needs that the government is unable, unwilling, or not well suited to address adequately.
  • By getting involved with causes that are important to each of our team members, our company culture is healthier, happier and stronger.
  • Getting involved in community service is an excellent way to strengthen relationships and team dynamics.
  • Contributing to the health of impactful organizations makes our global community a better place to live.
  • Partnering with diverse organizations to give back can form positive, productive relationships that may otherwise not have been formed.

Learn more about our commitment to giving at https://indeygo.com/about-fundraising-company.php.