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Fundraising Success

Fundraising Success

When Calgary Hornets Rugby Club needed a profitable fundraising idea they came to Indeygo! During 27 years of fundraising expertise, we see these ideas work for teams, clubs or groups. Fundraising can be a fun and rewarding activity for kids, helping them develop important skills like teamwork, organization, and communication while also supporting causes they ...

Here’s to a Great 2024!

Here’s to a Great 2024!

We hope you are all off to a good start for 2024 and enjoyed your holiday season. We were grateful to spend time with family and friends to be refreshed and ready for a great ‘24 In case you missed it, January 11 was International Thank You Day. The day is a reminder to express gratitude ...

2023: A Year in Review

2023: A Year in Review

We’ve had an amazing 2023 and wanted to share a few of our favourite moments, updates, and fundraisers with you! Our team at Indeygo has been busy all year helping groups fundraise for their sports team, school group, local food banks, animal rescues and so much more! We’ve helped groups from coast to coast – ...



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Whether you’re a school, a club, team or a cause, we support you with everything you need to run a successful fundraising campaign, making it simple and easy. We have assembled this amazing guide that makes it easy for you to get started!



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