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FACT - Groups across Canada have made over 4 million in profit selling Fundraising products over the last ten years!

What our customers are saying.

  • "Our fundraiser was fantastic! 2 very minor hiccups on our end.... but we solved them fairly efficiently =) The driver was amazing, he was very friendly, cooperative and patient with us while we sorted the skid (he even helped us divide the flavors into stacks!) I love that we have extras... we have so many ideas to use them for! Thanks to both Shanne and Amy for being so helpful guiding us through our first order. First of many!"

    Lisa & Nicola

  • "I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for making the cookie dough fundraising, for both the LCI Singers and the LCI Bands, such an easy project. Cookie dough fundraiser is on the agenda for tomorrow evening's wrap up parents' meeting and I suspect that it will be given the green light to go ahead for next year due, in no small part, to the smoothness of the whole event from receiving the order forms, to the confirmation and deliver of the order. I wanted to mention that I appreciated how easy it was to get in touch with you as questions arose."

    Thanks, Donna

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for the past fundraising events you have helped me with. We have raised almost $2000.00 every time we have ran this event at the school. You are extremely easy to work with and the cookie dough is raved about all year. I have people already asking when we are doing it again. I just wanted to say thank you so much."

    Shelly-Athlone Elementary School

  • "Hi Lisa, Just thought I would drop a line and say thank-you for the quick, and efficient dough order, things went smoothly the day of delivery and we had no left over tubs.. Thank-you so much for the great fundraiser, in our small preschool we were able to raise over $1200.00. Thanks again!"

    Stacey from Growing Adventures Preschool

  • "This was a wonderful fundraiser and it went off very smoothly. I've only heard positive reviews. It's good dough all around. I'm sure that we will participate again next year. Thanks for all the support that you provide."

    Jo-Anne from Bowden School

  • "Thanks for a smooth dough campaign. We really appreciated doing business with you. The dough is getting rave reviews and we'll contact you in the new year to plan for our next order."

    Rea T - Parent Committee at River Valley School

  • "It probably sounds crazy but we have already met our fundraising goals for the year but EVERYBODY was requesting this fundraiser so I am going to plan it anyways."

    Lisa from Glenbrook Preschool

  • " This fundraiser was the easiest to administer and made us the greatest amount of money out of any fundraisers so far."

    Andrea at Canmore Daycare

  • "The kids loved selling the cookie dough and moms are now asking when they can buy more! This was the best fundraiser we have done and we look forward to doing it again."

    Pat at Lawrence Grassi Junior High

  • "Recently my son's school had a fundraiser and I purchased 3 tubs of different flavours of your cookie dough. Well I am hooked, it is the BEST tasting cookies I have ever tasted (and I have tasted a lot in my time). I would love to get some more dough to have on hand. Is it possible to order directly from you? (Please tell me yes). If so could you please give me the ordering information. Thanking you in advance."

    Heather Petersen

  • "I just wanted to make a comment that may be of interest to other visitors to your site. Not only is your cookie dough everything you say it is and more, but it is one of the healthiest as far as sugar goes, especially for those with children that have hyperactivity problems. Did you know though that your cookie dough works FANTASTIC in the easy-bake ovens and unlike those powder mixes that are meant to be baked by a lightbulb, your cookies come out beautiful, delicious and not fast enough!"

    Val in Calgary

  • "The kids loved selling the cookie dough and look forward to doing it every fall. The parents love it as well as it is so easy to sell and administer."

    Marta at Apex Ski Club

  • "We have purchased cookie dough from other fundraisers but yours is by far the best cookie dough we have ever tasted!"

    Christina from Ottawa

Take a closer look at one of our success stories.

selling In-Dey-Go Cookie Dough. Their goal was to build a two-room school in Sierra Leone, West Africa. After years of rebel conflict, Sierra Leone is struggling to rebuild and it is a long and difficult task. Innisfail Middle School decided to help by committing to build a school. They came very close to their goal of $10,000 by running an In-Dey-Go cookie dough fundraiser. The rest of the money required to get to the $10,000 goal (which what was needed to build the school), was donated by individuals outside of Innisfail School, and In-Dey-Go was proud to be one of those supporters.

Carol Johnson, the principal of Innsifail Middle School, was the individual who initiated this project. Below is a quote from her that she sent to In-Dey-Go:

I don't know if you are aware but I worked in Sierra Leone. I volunteered with the Canadian Teachers Federation for a summer teaching teachers and administrators. I must say, I learned more from them than I could have taught the group. Davidson, the gentleman from Sierra Leone with whom I worked is heading the project for us. We worked very well together and I witnessed his passion for his country and education. We have kept in touch and he is doing all that he can do to make this successful. He is the secretary general of the Teachers Association. I will forward you photos of the site and the passing of the money to buy the land. It was done in a cola shell and presented to the chief of the village.


This year, Innisfail Middle School decided to run another In-Dey-Go fundraiser with the goal of building a water well for the school. They once again had huge success and raised over $9200 for the well! The pictures below are from their fundraiser and the delivery of the cookie dough.

In-Dey-Go has been extremely inspired by the actions of Innisfail School and their accomplishments and hope that you, the reader, finds it as inspiring as well.