Called In-Dey-Go and ordered your fundraising package

Received your information package (order taker brochures, etc.) from In-Dey-Go

Set your timeline for fundraising

Set your Goals

Created a fundraising plan

Distributed the participants’ packages and included the items below:

Reminded the seller(s) of approaching deadline submit to order one week prior to fundraising end date) (via email, Facebook etc.

Collected order forms.

Calculated total order (total of brochures sales and online store total if necessary).

Submitted order online.

Received order confirmation.

Received packing slip, confirmed #’s are correct, sent email to In-Dey-Go confirming order.

Took money collected from the fundraiser to bank.

Paid invoice owing to In-Dey-Go

Organized volunteers for delivery date.

Notified seller(s) of the details for the date they will be picking up their orders (allowed 20–30 minutes to sort through the order before allowing seller(s) to pick up their orders).

Called the delivery company the morning of the expected delivery date to determine a window of time for delivery.

Notified volunteers of the approximate time of delivery.

Sorted orders.

Distributed orders.

Sent out a follow-up email thanking everyone for participating and helping your group raise funds, including the amount raised and whether it met or exceeded your goals.

Delivery Day Guidelines

Fundraising Info regarding COVID-19

As we move through the pandemic and our recovery evolves, you can rest assured that fundraising with In-Dey-Go is still possible and in reality, it is very much the same as it was before COVID-19 came into our lives. Click below for further information.

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