The Tub that made us famous
In-Dey-Go was born from a strong belief in Community and a weakness for Good Cookies.

Helping groups across Canada
raise funds since 1996

Welcome To In-Dey-Go Fundraising Inc.

Proudly Canadian

IN-DEY-GO Fundraising offers unparalleled service and a wide variety of Canadian made products, making it easy for your school or organization to reach its fundraising goals. 

Our Healthy
Fundraising Products

Cookie Dough

Want to make up to 42% profit with In-Dey-Go Fundraising? Try our awesome Frozen Cookie Dough Fundraisers in 10 delicious flavours. Available in 2.7 lb “scoop and bake” tubs or as pre-portioned cookie dough (48 cookies per box). Add-ons include 2 Macaroon flavours (made without wheat) as well as our Doggie Dough for Fido!

Does your group need to raise some cash? With In-Dey-Go it’s easy!

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What our customers are saying

The delivery was on time and everything was there. Having the colour coding on the box and the tubs made things easier.  Thank you very much for your assistance all along the process and your prompt answer to all my questions.

Dovercourt School

Everything went very well. We also managed to sell our leftover cookie dough. The driver was very pleasant and we had no issues at all. Thank you so very much

Beddington Heights School

Everything went perfectly! Thank you so much. We will most likely run the cookie dough fundraiser again next spring too!

Rutherford School

People picked up their dough last night and within hours were texting telling me that they and their dogs loved the cookies. I would like to do another fundraiser with you in the fall.

Spirit of Hope Rescue

The delivery went smoothly, thank you for being such a timely contact. We had a great experience with In-Dey-Go.

Helen and Cindy

It went really well I think! When we sell all of our extras, we'll have made approx $5500! Much more than our other product fundraisers so far. I think we will run this fundraiser again next fall!

Kim Hung School

Thank you for checking in! It all worked out fine and the majority already got picked up. Thank you so much - you’ve been amazing! We are looking forward to doing this fundraiser again next year.

YK Playschool

The Jerky is awesome! I took the order form to work and sold over 20 packages myself! We were so impressed with the Beef Jerky that we will be running the Jerky Fundraiser twice a year. Thank you!


It went extremely well! Thanks so much for following up, you guys are always so awesome to deal with and we will definitely be recommending that next year’s class do their fundraising through you as well. Thanks again for being so awesome!


It worked out great, the delivery was on time and the plants were just gorgeous! Thank you!

Calgary Ice Dancers

It was excellent - thank you! The product looked great and it was here on time and complete.

Mitford School

Got the package today! I have to say after several years of fundraising ... yours is for sure the most organized and user friendly!

Pinewood Elementary School

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Fundraising Info regarding COVID-19

As we move through the pandemic and our recovery evolves, you can rest assured that fundraising with In-Dey-Go is still possible and in reality, it is very much the same as it was before COVID-19 came into our lives. Click below for further information.

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Contact Us

Contact In-Dey-Go to request your order forms. Keep it simple – choose one or two product types from our awesome lineup. Ask us about free shipping to your area.


Fill out one of our online forms

Run Your Fundraiser

Pick a start and end date – we suggest running your fundraiser over 10-14 days and include two weekends. Goal setting is important to help motivate your group. Clearly communicate your goal with your participants as well as your customers.

Collect the order forms and funds from your participants. Any cheques collected should be made out to your organization. Keep these order forms – you will need these when the participants pick up their orders. If you ran an online store, include these sales to your brochure sales total.

Submit your order either online, fax or call the In-Dey-Go Office. Orders for frozen goods need to be submitted in case lots (6 units/case for Cookie Dough/Muffin Dough and 4 packs/case for Cinnamon/Sticky Buns – sorry no mixed cases). Other products can be submitted by units. Orders bound for Western Canada normally take 7-10 business days, and orders for Eastern Canada take 10-14 business days. Your group will be invoiced upon ordering and we require payment prior to shipping.

**A comprehensive checklist is available in our Coordinator Info section

Deliver Product

When delivery day arrives, make sure you have a few volunteers to help sort and distribute the order using the original order forms. Count everything upon delivery, ensure nothing is damaged or dented. Mark any discrepancies or damage on the waybill. Sort and send the product home with your happy participants and customers.

Count Your Cash

Cookie Dough and Muffin Dough (tubs)

Make up to 42% profit or $7.50/tub

Cookie dough Pre-portioned

Make up to 32% profit or $4.75/box

Cinnamon and Sticky Buns

Make up to 35% profit or $5.25/pack


Make up to 40% profit or $6.25/bag of coffee and $4.75/bag of tea

Artisan Soaps

Make up to 37% profit or $7.00/package

Beef Jerky

Make up to 32% profit or $6.50/bag

Spring Planters and Herbs

Make up to 30% profit or $9.70/planter

* only available in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas

Harvest Veggie Bundles

Make up to 34% profit or $6.50/bundle

* only available in Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary and surrounding areas