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About Us

Indeygo is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated business. We are committed to sourcing over 70% of our ingredients locally and from Canadian suppliers.

Since 1996, Indeygo Fundraising has provided unparalleled service while offering an extensive variety of Canadian-made products making it easy for schools and organizations across Canada to reach their fundraising goals. We take pride in knowing our quality products and excellent service provide a stress-free and profitable fundraising option for groups in need of raising money. 

We understand your fundraising needs and have helped thousands of groups raise millions of dollars! Our message is clear, we want you to succeed and the Indeygo Fundraising Team is here to support you every step of the way by providing the tools you need to run a successful fundraiser, free of charge. 

Cathy Harris


Andy Harris


Lisa Downing


Shanne Leavitt


Our Story

Indeygo is all about fundraising action and impact. This may sound funny coming from a company that started baking cookie dough 25 years ago. Founders Lisa and Shanne’s recipe is to support organizations raise funds for their community to ensure vital programs and activities can succeed in communities across Canada. 

The best part of what we do is supporting our fundraising coordinators. We actively share what works to raise money, and what doesn’t! The thrill is sharing the ‘wins’ with the volunteers.

New owners Cathy & Andy have known Indeygo’s founders Lisa & Shanne for 25 years…firstly as neighbours raising kids on skateboards, then as bleacher buddy parents of school sports. Then as Indeygo fundraising coordinators and most recently as biking and BBQ buddies.

“Lisa’s stories of fundraising successes have always been inspiring. The staying power of a repeatable and fun way to raise funds, to make a difference is really unique”, says Cathy from Indeygo’s Canmore, Alberta base. “With Lisa and Shanne’s ongoing guidance we’re excited to get up and at it each day to support raising dough with like-minded folks”.

Bad puns aside, seriously dough, it’s about fundraising for good causes!!

And about that name…..

People often ask-how did the name Indeygo come about?  

Well, here’s what unfolded. The recipes were good to go. The packaging was dialled. Our production facility was soon to be up and running. Everything was in place but the name.  We needed one, we needed it soon, and we wanted it to be fun and catchy.

Lisa figured the best way to do this was to get her friends with creative minds to help out. She decided that the best way to aid in the creative thinking process was a quick stop to the local beer store. Some fine Canadian brew was purchased, friend’s glasses were filled and the dialogue started.  A half hour later a discussion around the favourite colour of blue started (aka indigo) which morphed into in..di..go…….in..dey..go….. to in-dey-go into the oven!

Giving Back

At Indeygo, one measure of our success is our ability to support community groups. Every year we donate 1% of our sales to non-profit organizations we care about. To date, we are proud to say we have donated over $100,000 to a variety of non-profits; environmental groups, animal rescue organizations, along with  women’s and children’s charities.

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