Fundraising is somewhat of an art. While you can always go through the regular steps of asking family members, office contacts, and friends for support, here are a few tricks that can help you increase your fundraiser’s reach and earn more.

Online E-store

An e-store is one easy to setup, sure fire way to make more sales. We’ve found that it typically boosts a campaign’s sales by about 10%. In today’s world, people look for convenience. An e-store facilitates that ease. Payment, orders and communication are all rolled into one. All you have to do is send the link, and your supporters and customers do the rest. Of course this doesn’t eliminate the need to speak to relatives and family, it just eases the process. With In-Dey-Go’s stress-free e-store you’ll get set up quickly via a link on our website. We take care of all of the technical details and give you access to your e-store within 24 hours.


While you should definitely use social media and technology when getting the word out about your fundraiser, don’t forget about traditional advertising. The local paper might be willing to run a story on your group, or make posters and ask for permission to post them around town. Asking for airtime on the local radio station is also a good option. Also, remember to ask for our FREE posters. All you’ll need to do is post them.


The more influential people you can get to spread the word, the better. So don’t simply ask your aunt to sign up for some In-Dey-Go cookie dough, ask her to take a sign-up sheet to her office, too. And of course remember to ask friends and family to share about the campaign through social media.

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