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5 Simple Steps to Running a Successful Fundraising Campaign with In-Dey-Go

5 Simple Steps to Running a Successful Fundraising Campaign with In-Dey-Go

No matter what cause you are trying to raise money for, you need a solid fundraising plan of action. Running a successful fundraising campaign with In-Dey-Go is simple if you follow a few key steps to success.

Step 1: Book your fundraiser.

You can do this by contacting In-Dey-Go either via email (, phone (1.877.463.3946), or online by accessing our info package. We will send you order forms and other necessary paperwork, such as instruction for running a campaign, free of charge, upon receipt of your request.

Step 2: Set a time frame for your campaign.

A reasonable length of time is one to two weeks from start to finish. The delivery date varies depending on your location, but is generally between 7 and 14 business days after your order is received. Let participants know the date that the order forms are to be handed in. We will do our best to accommodate your requested date of delivery.

Step 3: Distribute the order forms to participants.

Hand out the order forms to your participants and communicate your campaign goal to them.

Step 4: Collect the order forms.

On the last day of the campaign, gather the order forms, count the number of units ordered, and place your final order online or fax in your master order form.

Step 5: Organize volunteers to distribute products.

On the day of delivery, have two or three volunteers on hand to help you distribute your In-Dey-Go products to your fundraising participants. The participants will then deliver the In-Dey-Go goodies to their customers.

With In-Dey-Go, fundraising is simple! Get started today.

For a limited time, In-Dey-Go is offering an exclusive offer for fundraising coordinators looking to run a successful holiday campaign.

At no additional cost, you will receive:

  • One ebook including tips, tricks, and tools to help support your fundraising efforts
  • Social media and email templates for increased sales
  • One webinar with a question and answer period
  • Digital and print copies of all support documents

For more information or to register, please email Karla Helm at

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