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Fundraising Success

Fundraising Success

When Calgary Hornets Rugby Club needed a profitable fundraising idea they came to Indeygo!

During 27 years of fundraising expertise, we see these ideas work for teams, clubs or groups. Fundraising can be a fun and rewarding activity for kids, helping them develop important skills like teamwork, organization, and communication while also supporting causes they care about. Here are some tips and tricks for successful fundraising:

  1. Choose a Cause: Raising funds for your sports team. Support a local animal shelter, raise money for your local school library, or fund a community playground project.
  2. Plan Ahead: Create a detailed plan outlining your fundraising goals, timeline, budget, and strategy. Be super clear on your fundraising goal and timing. People donate more when they ‘buy-in’ to the why!
  3. Get Organized: Assign specific roles and responsibilities to team members. Have someone in charge of social media. Use simple language at a personal level, time-starved busy parents only have so much time!
  4. Be Creative: Use easy to understand fundraising materials – online or printed – that make it easy for donors. Indeygo’s materials have been honed over 1000’s of fundraisers to achieve this.
  5. Spread the Word: Leverage social media to spread good news as you make progress to your fundraising goals – short videos help. Set groups up for success with clear goals and deadlines – set expectations.
  6. Offer Incentives: Provide incentives to encourage participation. Offer small rewards like stickers for the participant that raised the most funds.
  7. Show Appreciation: Thank your community publicly through social media, newsletters, or handwritten thank-you note. Let them know how their contributions are making a difference.
  8. Safety First: Prioritize safety measures on delivery day. Ensure you have 3-4 volunteers to help with distribution.
  9. Track Progress: Keep track of your fundraising efforts and expenses to stay organized and accountable. Regularly update your team and supporters on your progress toward your goals.
  10. Have Fun: Fundraising should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Celebrate success, that’s right, really share your appreciation of volunteers and donors

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Fundraising Guide

Have fundraiser questions? Find the answers here.

Whether you’re a school, a club, team or a cause, we support you with everything you need to run a successful fundraising campaign, making it simple and easy. We have assembled this amazing guide that makes it easy for you to get started!



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