When we started Indeygo Harvest Bundles in the Fall of 2016 we never dreamed that the Food Bank Donations would be so popular!  We’ve teamed up with a local Edmonton grower to offer fresh vegetables to schools in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary.  Not only do participants have the opportunity to sell parcels of fresh veggies to family and friends, there is also an option to buy a bundle for the local food bank.

As we saw orders come in from the schools, we were astounded at the generosity of each participant’s customers.  The first year we offered the Harvest Bundles, we donated 3000 lbs to Community Food Banks, but 2017 blew this number out of the water, when we took over 12,000 lbs to local Food Banks!

Many small actions add up to big things!  Our participating schools and students have so much to be proud of.  The schools make money for their cause, the students are selling healthy vegetables to family and friends, and the food bank donations go straight to an amazing cause.  If you are interested in running an Indeygo Harvest Bundle Fundraiser for Fall 2018, give our team a call (877) 463-3946 or visit www.indeygo.com.  It’s easy, it’s local, it’s healthy, and the profits are great!

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