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The Deeper Value of Volunteering

The Deeper Value of Volunteering

An undeniable part of our role as busy parents is volunteering for our kid’s activities – be it a soccer team, gymnastics club, or after school club.

That volunteer responsibility gets even more complicated when you’re the parent that has been assigned with organizing the fall fundraiser! At Indeygo , we’ve created an easy and tasty solution to put the FUN back in fundraiser.

With options for all sorts of delicious treats like cookies, muffins, cinnamon buns, coffee, tea, dog treats and more, fundraising has never been easier with the help of our Indeygo team. We’ll help you organize your fundraiser, give you all the tools to execute successfully, and then support you right to the end as you count your hard-earned profits!

Now, let’s take a step back and dive into the importance of volunteering.

When we say volunteering is important, we don’t just mean for your kid’s team, club, or group—volunteering also plays a crucial role in building community, personal well being, and social engagement. Not only is this an opportunity to connect with others who have similar interests and values, but in the case of volunteering for your kid’s activities can have lasting benefits like establishing and supporting positive friendships between kids and even finding other parents that can help lighten the load in the future. Think about it, how great would it be to find another set of parents that your kid can carpool with?

We need to shift away from the “volun-told” mindset.

This is a term that we’ve heard thrown around a lot and casts a negative light on volunteering. We won’t deny that there are times when volunteering isn’t ideal – maybe you’re busy at work, have family commitments, or generally don’t enjoy the activity or task for which you must volunteer. However, trying to see the benefits of volunteering when the situation arises is an easy way to make the whole experience more exciting and enjoyable.

So, what are some of the benefits of volunteering? posits that there are four main benefits to volunteering that impacts your health and happiness:

  1. Volunteering connects you to others
  2. Volunteering is good for your mind and body
  3. Volunteering can advance your career
  4. Volunteering brings fun and fulfillment to your life

Not only does volunteering provide an avenue for meeting new friends, but you may also make connections with people that could have an impact in other parts of your life. Imagine that you are starting to chat about moving into a bigger house and need to start looking for a realtor, then next thing you know you happen to be paired with a parent who happens to be a real estate agent at the volunteer shift you picked up for your child’s hockey team.

After a couple of long years spending lots of time inside with your family, getting back out in social situations and interacting with new people can have a huge positive impact on your mind and body! Naturally, humans have a hard-wired desire to help others and when we do so by volunteering, our mind and body can feel the positive effects. It’s also a great reason to get out of your house, on your feet, and moving your body – something we could always use a little more of!

Depending on the task, volunteering can also be a great opportunity to learn new job skills and gain more experience that can translate to your career. In some cases, volunteering can even serve as a trial run into a new career or different position before you make a full commitment to switching things up. Volunteering is also a great way to learn the behind-the-scenes aspects of your favourite organizations or businesses and even to possibly connect with some of the leadership team members.

Lastly, volunteering is a fun way to explore different interests you may have. Not only are you supporting your child’s activities but finding a way to meaningfully volunteer can provide an escape from the chaotic busyness of everyday life! It’s also a great way to meet integrate yourself into a new community if you’ve recently arrived in a new neighbourhood.

Being able to approach the sometimes-daunting task of volunteering can be instrumental in your overall experience while you volunteer. Be sure to show up as an active and engaged volunteer, don’t be afraid to ask questions, be clear on expectations, and speak up if you’re uncomfortable with a certain task.

And, if it isn’t yet your turn to volunteer, make sure to give thanks to those who are!

Many of our kid’s teams, clubs, and organizations wouldn’t operate nearly as well (or at all!) without the tireless efforts of volunteers. A small gesture of thanks in a cup of coffee or an offer to help with a small task like taking out the trash can make a world of difference!

So, next time you’re looking for a great fundraiser, think Indeygo! Our Harvest Bundles full of fresh vegetables will be available again this fall for those in the Calgary-Edmonton area. We’ve partnered with Erdmanns Gardens & Greenhouses to provide some amazing farm-to-fundraiser boxes, as well as offering a Food Bank Bundle option as part of our Giving Back Food Bank program.

Want to find out more about the fundraising opportunities we can support, be sure to check out our website and download our free e-book with all the details! Once you’re ready to fundraise, get in touch and our Indeygo team will reach out to get started!

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