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The Fundraiser Has Begun, Now What?

The Fundraiser Has Begun, Now What?

With In-Dey-Go, setting up a fundraiser is a cinch. Choose your project, get your order forms printed and work with your group to set up financial goals. But once your group is motivated and your participants all have forms in hand, it’s not just a waiting game until the final day to turn in forms. Steps should be taken after initial contact with potential buyers and the coordinator must also keep sellers engaged. How? See our tips below.

Follow Up

Once initial contact has been made with potential supporters, follow up with emails, phone calls, and messages. Encourage all of your fundraising participants to do the same. In today’s busy world, we could all use a reminder now and again. Invitations and requests often fall through the cracks, lost among the many important things to do. So, remind your participants and supporters about your fundraiser.

Maintain Momentum on Social Media

Many groups kick off a fundraiser with great social media presence. However, one or two posts at the beginning isn’t enough. Put out a few posts after the fundraiser has started. Remind people that there’s only a few days left to support, or share your mission again. If purchasing new uniforms, show pictures of the ones you’d like to get or put up pictures of the sad state of your current uniforms. Stay present on social media throughout the duration of the campaign.

Eyes on the Prize

Towards the end of your campaign, check in with each of your participants to see how close they are to meeting their goal. Help them brainstorm about other people in their life whom they can ask for support.

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