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The Impact & Value of Fundraising

The Impact & Value of Fundraising

It’s hard to believe it’s already mid-November but as we sit back with a cup of warm coffee and watch the snow pile up outside, we’re reminiscing on all the great fundraisers we saw throughout the fall season so far!

We’ve seen some great successes from our amazing Harvest Bundle fundraiser that made over 7000 food bank donations to individual fundraisers that raised enough money for the Blackfalds U7 Minor Hockey Team 3 to head off to two different tournaments this season!

It’s not hard to grasp the importance, impact, and community value of fundraising.

For so many clubs, groups, and organizations, fundraising is a key part of their financial reality. Whether you’re a sports team looking to pay for registration fees, a music club needing funding to attend camp, or a non-profit looking to fund important community work, fundraising is an undeniable effort that, when done right, can be an incredibly effective way to secure funding.

There are also so many benefits to getting involved with fundraising.

Not only are you working towards the greater goal of securing funds to keep things running, it’s a great way to keep connecting with those who are also involved in the same group and build relationships with people around who have common interests. Fundraising can also be a great teaching tool for children to learn more about managing finances, organization, and giving back to the group they are a part of.

That’s why Indeygo makes fundraising fun and easy!

We offer a wide variety of fundraising products to choose from so you’re sure to find something that will suit your group. Once you’ve chosen your product(s), we help you get started by picking your fundraising dates, provide you with all the order forms to keep your organized throughout, and then once you submit your order forms back to Indeygo, we’ll ship the products out to you to distribute.

With the cool weather creeping in, we’re seeing an uptick in our coffee and tea fundraisers which provide the perfect jolt to get you going in the morning or help you wind down after a long day. Our coffee is sourced from Certified Organic and Fair-Trade family farms and fresh roasted in small batches in the Rocky Mountains of Canmore, Alberta. Our tea is also made in small batches in Canmore so you’re truly supporting local with these fundraisers. These products also pair perfectly with our most popular Cookie Dough fundraiser which makes holiday baking quick and simple!

This is the ideal time of year for festive fundraising.

There’s a kind of comfort just knowing there’s delicious cookie dough ready to be baked while the oven’s hot, saving time, energy and thinking! Who doesn’t like having easy options? We often see Fundraisers use these next few weeks to raise the money their organization needs while people think about holiday goodies and gifts, and as any busy parent can attest, there are so many people to think about!

Speaking of the holidays, it’s hard to ignore how quickly December is approaching! However, while we try to think of easy gifts to buy, we’d like to encourage you to shop local and support small businesses.

Nestled between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Small Business Saturday!

This incredibly important day draws attention to the small businesses in our communities that must fight hard to compete with big retailers discounting their products in advance of the holidays. While not every small business can afford to discount their products during this time, it’s important not to overlook the importance and impact of purchasing from them instead of heading to Amazon. Everyone has felt the impact of inflation and higher cost of living, but wherever possible, please consider supporting local when you make holiday gift purchases this year!

Another important day that is just around the corner is Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday was founded in Canada in 2013 and has now grown to exist in over 80 countries around the world. The idea behind Giving Tuesday is simple – it’s “a movement that encourages people to do good.”

Giving back looks a little different for everyone but can range from donating to a charity of your choice, grabbing your family and friends to volunteer, encouraging local businesses to get involved, or setting up a fundraiser dedicated to your favourite local non-profit!

Ready to get going on your fundraiser? Give us a call!

Our team of fundraiser coordinators are ready when you are to make fundraising fun, easy, and profitable! With most of our products offering a 30% or higher profit, our fundraisers are guaranteed to make you money. We’ll help you put together your fundraising plan with timelines and goals with our fundraising checklist and support you throughout the entire process!

Fundraising doesn’t get much easier or more fun than this – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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