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A Farmer Outstanding in his Field

A Farmer Outstanding in his Field

Did you know that Western Canada wheat farmlands are a giant carbon store?

For well over 10 years western Canadian wheat producers have supplied Indeygo’s cookie dough bakery, for good reason: Firstly, the quality is truly world class, Canada sets the bar high on food standards. Secondly, and here’s the food-nerd fact, Western Canada producers practise a technique called conservation cropping that keeps vital soil carbon within the soil itself.

So, what’s conservation cropping and why’s that important?

In the old days soil was ploughed to prepare land for planting seeds and this disturbance would release CO2 stored in the soil to the atmosphere. CO2 is a greenhouse gas that contributes negatively in large volumes to climate change, so imagine how much CO2 would be released when millions of acres used to be ploughed!

Western Canadian farmers recognized this problem over a decade ago and started the move away from ploughing and towards conservation cropping. This climate conscious farming technique means minimal soil disturbance by using low or no till discs to slice soil for seeds to be planted accurately, instead of big ploughs turning over soil, and releasing CO2.

 Indeygo’s cookie dough wheat flour is sourced from western Canadian farmers helping store CO2 in millions of acres of crop land. This also means a short distance from farm to bakery, cutting transport emissions as well. Smart cookies those farmers…

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