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Happy New Year: Here’s to a great 2023

Happy New Year: Here’s to a great 2023

We hope you all spent a great holiday season filled with family, friends, and relaxation! We were grateful to spend some great, quality time with family, spend time recharging in the great outdoors, and have come back to work in the New Year feeling refreshed and ready to get going!

We know that the beginning of a new year can be a harsh “back-to-reality” kind of feeling for some, especially if you add planning a fundraiser to your plate. That’s where we come in to help out!

Pick from a wide variety of Indeygo products to ensure your fundraiser is a success!

Our fan-favourite staples like our Cookie Dough, Coffee & Tea, and Cinnamon & Sticky Buns will always be around and ready to make a great fundraiser! With easy-to-follow steps and checklists provided for you and additional support available from the Indeygo team, we’ll get you up and running in no time. 

Also, we’re also only 10 weeks away from spring which means we’re alreay planning our Spring Planters and Herbs fundraisers!

From January 21 to March 21, we’ll take orders for the Spring Planters Fundraisers. Typically flower deliveries are made in early May, just in time for the perfect Mother’s Day gift! We provide a choice of Hanging Baskets, Patio Pots, Bedding Plants, and Herb Mixes to offer a wide variety of plant options. Please note that this fundraiser is only available to Alberta-based customers due to the partnership with Aspen Greenhouse.

If you have any questions or want to sign up for the Spring Planters and Herbs Fundraiser, reach out to our helpful Indeygo team today!

Of course, while we can dream about Spring being right around the corner, we know it’s still only January…

A new year can be a great time to review and reset your goals for the year. Despite clichéd New Year’s Resolutions like eating fewer cookies (which we don’t recommend anyway!) and working out more tend to fall to the wayside by the time the first month of the year is up, there are still a few great ways to go into the New Year with a refreshed sense of motivation, purpose, and enthusiasm!

What’s the best approach for a wholesome New Year’s Resolution?

There are so many to choose from, but we really liked the approach from Alberta Health Services that focuses on mindset. This is something that everyone has the ability to control (or at least try to) and is best described as, “how we view success, failure, wins, and setbacks.”

This year, we encourage everyone to set goals and review their progress with a Growth Mindset. This view means looking at challenges and obstacles as just that, something to work through instead of giving up when faced with. A growth mindset also shifts the perspective on setbacks and failures to be opportunities to prove your resilience, growth, and ability to learn and adapt!

Setting goals with a Growth Mindset can be daunting and seemingly complicated to do with kids. However, there can be a simple way to break this down, starting with:

  • Working together to set goals your kids want to reach, as opposed to goals you’d like to see them achieve as a parent, teacher, or coach. Goals will always be easier to achieve when there is an inherent internal motivation!
  • Start by setting realistic goals. By doing this, setbacks are easier to overcome and less likely to stall progress altogether, ultimately helping kids stay in a Growth Mindset as they work towards achieving their goals.
  • Help kids understand that their limitations are only temporary with the introduction of the word ‘yet’ into your collective vocabulary. While they may feel discouraged at certain times while working towards achieving their goal, reframing that discouragement from “I haven’t done it” to “I haven’t done it yet” can be a crucial shift back into the Growth Mindset.
  • Be open and honest with kids about how and why change happens, and what we can do to be adaptive and still make progress in the face of change.
  • Not if but when setbacks arise, try showing yourself (and demonstrate for your kids) the compassion you would show a friend in the same situation.

A Growth Mindset is something that is important to teach the young ones in our lives. Alberta Health Services has some great resources on making this shift with your kids and as a family, check them out here.

As we look ahead to 2023 and what fundraising might look like, we’re excited to get started! For those who may be a little less enthusiastic about their fundraising objectives this year, don’t worry – that’s why we’re here to help! Get in touch today to get started on the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever coordinate!

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